Shane’s Gear

Shane couldn’t be more serious about his equipment and Resonation enjoys complete access for your next event! 









DJ Controllers

  • Pioneer DDJ-SZ DJ Controller – Pioneer’s flagship controller for Serato DJ
  • Vestax VCI-300 Digital DJ Controller
  • Vestax VFX-1 Digital Effect Contoller

Allows your DJ to custom mix, layer, scratch, loop, beat-match, and add effects to your music set live during shows.

Mixing Boards

  • Yamaha MG206C-USB 20 channel mixing console
  • Peavey PV14-USB 14 channel console
  • Mackie 802VLZ4 8 channel mixer

This allows our team to custom build your sound setup for each venue space; as well as, providing multiple simultaneous setups for seamless transitions during your event.

Main Sound Channel

  • Yamaha P7000S pro power amplifier
  • Yamaha P2500S pro power amplifier
  • Bose 1800 Series VI pro power amplifier
  • Peavey CS3000 pro power amplifier
  • Peavey CS4000 pro power amplifier
  • Two Peavey SP2BX full range speaker cabinets
  • Two Community TD2215 Twin 15 inch full range speaker cabinets
  • Two Peavey SP15M Stage Monitors
  • Two Community 12″ Stage Monitors

This array provides incredible music clarity across our full audible sound spectrum!

Low Range (Bass) Sound Channel

  • Two Peavey CS 4080HZ pro power amplifiers ~ Providing an incredible 8000+ watts of thunderous bass!
  • Two Peavey SP118BX Cabinets, each loaded with one 18″ 4800watt/peak Lo Max driver
  • Two Peavey SP218BX Cabinets, each loaded with two 18″ 3200watt/peak Low Rider drivers

This powerful array puts the punch in Resonation’s sound, providing enough low range venue filling resonance to get everyone at your event moving and grooving.


  • 15ft x 15ft light truss and stands
  • 16 Chauvet and American DJ LED, laser, and moving head stage lighting fixtures
  • Custom projected script and video capability to personalize your event’s atmosphere*

Custom personalized graphic created and projected for all our weddings and special events; ask Michelle for details.


  • Viewsonic commercial auditorium projector with long throw lens
  • Hitachi commercial short throw projector
  • Rear projection screen conceils our entertainment station and provides video excitement on your dance floor
  • Large 8′ x 10′ video screen on 15′ tall frame provides mirrored video across your dance floor

Flanking your dance floor with twin video provides visual excitement for your guests.

Music Collection

Extensive 80,000+ song digital music library, spanning 60 years and multiple genres to ensure your event’s success. Our collection began with racks of 33 and 45 vinyl in the 1970’s, and has continued through the last four decades as a non-stop life pursuit of our team’s DJ Shane. Sharing our collection with your guests is our ultimate joy!

Wireless Microphones

Our team has expanded our sound reinforcement gear to help support your event fun. We have added two high range Shure wireless microphones. We have tested these successfully up to 250ft. This opens up many possibilities for interaction with your guests during events!

  • Two Shure SLX4 wireless receivers matched with two Shure Beta58a handheld microphone/transmitters


  • 12 Chauvet Slimpar Hex 3 IRC fixtures to paint your venue with light and endless color choices
  • Wireless DMX lighting receivers for all twelve fixtures (wireless control for all venue sizes)
  • Blizzard Lighting DMX console ~ This unit allows us to control your entire venue’s color and brightness from the DJ/entertainment station

Our uplighting is an add-on service; please contact Michelle for details.

Serious Resonation for Your Event!

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